SCENARIO 8: A Storm of Swords


A Storm of Swords


  • Defender: LONG RANGE
  • Attacker: 18” from table edge


  • Each player rolls a die (re-roll ties). Whoever rolls highest chooses whether they will be the Attacker or the Defender.
  • Before placing Terrain pieces, place 3 Castle Walls 3” from the Defender’s table edge, with the first being centered to their deployment zone and the remaining 2 Castle Walls 4” away on each side.
  • Terrain is not placed as normal. Instead, the Defender may place up to 4 Terrain pieces of their choosing anywhere further than Short Range from their Deployment Zone and any other Terrain piece.

Special Victory Conditions

  • The Attacker wins via normal Victory Point accumulation.
  • The Defender does not gain Victory Points, but automatically wins at the end of Round 6.

Special Rules (Attacker + Defender)

  • At the beginning of the game, before Deployment, each player draws 3 cards at random from their respective Siege Strategy Decks. These are the Siege cards available to them this game. Each Siege card lists its effects and when it is played.

Special Rules (Attacker)

  • At the start of the round, the Attacker may redeploy any friendly Combat Units that were previously destroyed, placing them anywhere in their Deployment Zone. Characters do not redeploy and are instead permanently destroyed (replaced by a generic model from the unit they were in, if applicable).

Special Rules (Defender)

  • The Defender does not begin with all Combat Units in play. They must select half of their total Combat Units (rounded up) to begin in Reserve. The rest are deployed as normal.
  • Beginning on Round 3, the Defender may deploy any unit from Reserve fully within Short Range of any Flank table edge. This is done at the start of the unit’s activation and is not their action for the turn.

Special Rules (Castle Walls)

  • Castle Walls are not Terrain Pieces or Combat Units. They are a unique structure and are not affected by any rules or effects except those specifically mentioned below:
  • Castle Walls may be Charged and targeted by Melee Attacks as if they were enemy units. This is the only way Castle Walls may be damaged. They do not roll Defense Saves, never make Morale Tests, and award 5 Victory Points when destroyed.
  • Castle Walls are not removed from the battlefield when destroyed.
  • Units may not move through or deploy (for any reason) behind Castle Walls.
  • Each non-destroyed Castle Wall segment may be activated by the Defender (just like a Combat Unit). When a Castle Wall segment is activated it may only perform the Arrows Ranged Attack (Castle Walls do not shift) or pass its action.

3 Terrain Pieces



Low Wall / Ruined Wall

Low Wall / Ruined Wall