SCENARIO 12: Light In Darkness

Beta Version for Testing

Light In Darkness

Deployment: SHORT RANGE each side.


  • This mode utilizes the Secret Mission Deck
  • Place 1 Objective token in the center of the table
  • Each player rolls a die (re-roll ties). Whomever rolls highest will place 1 Objective token anywhere on the battlefield at least 6” (Short Range) from any Deployment Zone and other Objective tokens. Players will alternate placing Objective tokens until there are a total of 5 on the board.

Special Rules (Objectives)

  • Objectives do not innately grant any bonuses and/or Victory Points for being Controlled. They only do so if instructed by a Secret Mission.
  • A unit ending a move with its tray entirely overlapping a tokenClaims that token
  • A unit Controls a token it has Claimed as long as it is not engaged by an enemy Combat Unit with more remainingRanks than it. The momen
  • Solo units count as having remaining Ranks equal to their remaining Wounds for Controling and Contesting Objectives
  • Tokens that are not entirely overlapped by a unit’s tray are not Claimed and are not Controlled by any unit.

Special Rules (Secret Mission)

  • At the start of the game, before deployment, shuffle the Secret Mission Deck and reveal 10 cards from it. Each player then rolls a die (re-roll ties). Whomever rolls highest will select 1 of the 10 revealed cards and discard it, then their opponent will do the same. After this is done, beginning with the player who did not choose the first discarded Mission, players will take turns drafting the remaining cards (each player will end with 4 cards total). Once this is done, take the 10 remaining cards, shuffle them, and place them face-down within reach of both players. > are Impassible and cannot be targeted or affected by any Abilities or effects
  • Beginning on Round 2, at the start of each round, each player will select 1 of their Secret Mission cards and place it facedown on the table: This is the Secret Mission that player may attempt to complete this round. Each Secret Mission will list when it should be revealed and/or when you score points from it. At the end of the round, unless otherwise instructed to remain in play, the selected Secret Mission card will be discarded, whether it was completed or not.
  • Beginning on Round 2, at the start of each round, draw 1 Secret Mission card and reveal it. This is known as the Open Mission. Until the end of the round, any player may score this Mission (and may score it multiple times, if applicable). Discard this Secret Mission at the end of the round.

Special Scoring

  • Players must achieve +2 additional Victory Points to win this Game Mode in addition to the number based on Game Size
  • The Victory Through Combat rule is ignored for this Game Mode.
  • Beginning on Round 2, players may complete their Secret Missions to earn Victory Points. Each Secret Mission lists the rules for completing it.
  • Once a Secret Mission has been revealed and/or completed, it will be automatically discarded, unless otherwise stated in its effect.